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The history

Nico Marin
Nico Marin.

Nico Marin: the passion of a man.

Our history is the history of a great passion that accompanied the personal and professional experience of Nico Marin, well known antiquarian of Friuli region, always looking for the traditions that made the Italian cuisine so great.
His engagement, matured in the medieval and charming alleys of Spilimbergo (PN) and directed to the cultural sides linked to the love for good food, has highlighted the requirement of rediscoving the instruments at the base of gastronomic evolution of our cuisine.
Nico Marin's copper pots come to us through the regaining of Italian Renaissance traditions.
In the castle courtyard, the court cook used to compare his opinions with the locksmith and the blacksmith that, with their knowledge of metals, supported his requirements contributing to a continuous evolution of the copper pots.
Palazzo Marin
Marin House.
After 500 years, Nico Marin resumes this tradition sure of the quality of ancient instruments, still inequalled thanks to the extraordinary physical properties of this noble metal. Thanks to the Nico Marin company craftsmen' ability and to the precious advice of famous Italian chefs, our copper pots large production imposed either in the restaurant sector and among the gourmet who immediately appreciate their superior characteristics.
Every copper pot of Nico Marin is a piece of cuisine history, history of man and his desire of treating himself well, coming to us in its gentle lines softened by centuries and experiences, but unchanged in its essence.
Since the beginning, Nico Marin understood that doing the appropriate changes on form and thickness, the 1500's utensils could still be completely useful and up-to-date since they are highly functional.
So he looked at the past to provide the future with a seat at dinner table.
Francesco Marin e Luca Moretti
Franceso Marin and Luca Moretti.
The love that characterized his thorough research, leaving a lasting sign in the Italian gastronomic panorama, involved the whole Marin family that, at Nico's early death, could continue this important experience thanks to the consolidate prestige of Nico Marin's mark.

The working method

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